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On 7 and 8 December 2015
Thursday, 14 January 2016
On 7 and 8 December 2015 in the sports hall "Sumaid Halilov" g. Sofia held the finals of the national championship in boxing Interior Ministry officials. Chief organizer of the event was "Sports Association - MI" and co-organizer Mr. Ivan Ivanov - Governor hall "Sumaid Halilov."


up to 69 kg

1. Simeon Ivanov (CA - MI)

2. Kaloyan Dimov (RDMI - Burgas)

up to 75 kg

1. Janko Borisov (NPO)

2. Georgi Penchev (CDI)

up to 81 kg

1. Miroslav Filipov (RDMI - Gabrovo)

2. Rumen Deianov (RDMI - Kyustendil)

86 kg

1. Boris Georgiev (RDMI - Burgas)

2. Plamen Stefanov (NPO)

up to 91 kg

1. Slavi Dimitrov (CDI)

2. Milen Dogandzhiyski (RDMI - Kyustendil)

over 91 kg

1. Petar Tonchev (NPO)

2. Radoslav Terziev (CDI)

The meetings were guided by judicial brigade led by Mr. Ventsislav Nikolov - international category judge. The awards were bestowed Mr. Kamen Penkov - Board member of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, Mr. Ivan Mladenov - Secretary General of 'Sports Association - MI "and commissioner Chavdar Atanasov - Director of ACCBs.

Video recording can watch the channel of 'Sports Association - MI "to livestream at: http: //

Pictures can be found here.

Smolyan held Republican
Thursday, 14 January 2016
In the period 15 to 18 December 2015 g. Smolyan held Republican tournament shooting "Cup of Bulgaria" for employees of the Interior Ministry. This year's tournament was attended by 94 contestants from 21 male and 10 female teams.

At the official opening of the tournament was attended by Mr. Slavov Nedialko oblasten Governor of Smolyan and the Director of Smolyan District Police Senior Commissioner Nikolay Dimov Mitkov.

In men are best presented team RDMI Gabrovo and women - that of the Interior Ministry Academy. Comprehensive title won employees RDMI Blagoevgrad.

To finish in the individual race gold had swapped - men Yavor Petkov RDMI Gabrovo and women Stoyanka village for RDMI Pazardzhik.

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

Full standings can be found here
Dolna Banya was held the last event
Thursday, 14 January 2016
In the period 20-23.12.2015 in the city. Dolna Banya was held the last event on the calendar of 'Sports Association - MI "- the national championship in table tennis for employees of the Interior Ministry. Holiday house "Sequoia" once again provide excellent conditions for the smooth running of the event.

The championship brought together 93 athletes from 20 sports clubs to CA - MI. Participants showed impressive skills and high sport mastery, which made the race contested in each of the categories - men (individual, doubles and team) and women (individual, doubles and team).

Chief organizer of the tournament was "Sport Association - MI" and co Bulgarian Federation of table tennis. The championship was opened by Mr. Ivan Mladenov - Secretary General of 'Sports Association Ministry of Interior. "

In the final team standings champions ladies were competitors of General Directorate "Execution of Sentences" and men representatives GDPBZN.
sports club "Spartak - Vratsa"
Thursday, 14 January 2016
On 12.29.2015, the sports club "Spartak - Vratsa" at District Police Directorate - Vratsa marks 20 years since its creation. Coop official guests attended the celebration, among them MP Petya Avramova, chief expert at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Mrs.Rossitsa Stamenova director ACCBs Mr. Chavdar Atanasov and experts in special pdgotovka Emil Velev, Nikola Hristov, Tony Petkov, etc. . Congratulatory address was received by the mayor - Vratsa Mr. Kalin Kamenov. Honorary plaques were over 40 managers and players for their contribution to the development of the sports club. In 2015, representatives of the club participated in 17 national and five local tournaments and championships. During the ceremony, prizes were awarded to teams in shooting, martial arts, soccer, swimming, table tennis, alpine skiing, chess and volleyball. They were honored all former presidents and board members of the club. Since the inception of the Sports Club club secretary is Damian Petrov, whose contribution was awarded with plaques of SC "Spartacus - Vratsa" and CA - MI.
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
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